Procrastinated, failed, broke…… but hey, I’m BACK!

It have been long time when I’ve updated this blog, I remember that when I purchased this domain ‘’ it was december 2k16. “Matric” is a word which I’m using in my every domain which is available publically, or I can say which are known to everyone that I own this or that blog. Obiviosouly, Niche sites are hidden.

Random light at Sangam

Random picture which I clicked with my DSLR. | Unedited

I’m using this word “Matric” in my every domain because I started this domain in 2016 i.e. I’m still in 10th class and the word matric means 10th I guess. Aha!

Meanwhile when I was not blogging, I was enjoying much offline in both life personal as well as professional life. Some problems, SERIOUS ONCE were there but my friend, LIFE is all about problems and how we solve it, isn’t it ?4

Important: I’ve done nothing on this blog till now, so don’t judge it right now. I will make it worth visiting it for sure, just wait and enjoy!

Personal life:

Forgive me if I’m revealing something which I should not but talking about personal life, it was mixed experience, here are few things I’ve done:

My first crush 😛
Believe me, she is amazing, awesome, beautiful, pretty, cute and 100s of other words which defines a perfect beauty. I’ll not reveal her name and you also don’t dare to ask :p that becuase I won’t be telling you. I will not talk about her more becuase I know I’ve friends who are always ready to pull my legs. But seriously, SHE IS AMAZING!

Guitar (Facepalm): 

This one is funny, I purchased a guitar, performed two to three weeks and now it is lying beside my bed. This doesn’t mean that I will not learn it, but waiting for a PERFECT time. Hope I will learn soon!

Dilip's Facepalm

Facepalm Moment! | No. no I’m not stoping you, do that shit! FACEPALM

Books, Books, Books:

Purchased, read, wrote ( don’t ask me about it) lots of books. Don’t know why but from being a person who though in childhood that he will not read a single book becuase of lack of desire, but now I love reading books. Till now I’ve read these plus many other books:

  1. Rich Dad, Poor Dad
  2. Everyone has a story
  3. Magic of thinking BIG!
  4. The art of public speaking
  5. Eat that frog (weird name)
  6. Half Girlfriend ( Sorry for it :3 )
  7. ND Sharma (hahaha) have to pass exams too!
  8. And many more…

Knowing that I’m growing:

Now, I know that I’m not child anymore (atleast from outside) can’t say about inside :P. Realized that I’ve to be SERIOUS in life and trust me I’m trying my best. Adapted my tricks, life hacks etc ( will tell about in next posts, subscribe my blog newsletter to get it in your inbox when I hit Publish button). On best hack is S.A.V.E.R.S:

Savers is a technique which is practiced by All money printing humans ( billionaires), Savers stand for:

S: Silence

A: Affirmation

V: Visualization

E: Exercise

S: Scribe

You can search more about it on google or ping me on for explanation. If you know about it already, comment below *heart emoticon*. BEST OF LUCK!

Professional Life:

Made lots of friends, not connections. Attended BlogX, PTI Meet and lots of other meet. Missed #AIDSM becuase I was late and they already left that PEHLWAAN Dhabha, Allahabad when I reached there :(. No worry I’ll meet them again, soon!

Launched Niche sites:

I know you want to know niche (if you’re blogger) but I will not reveal them. Sorry! better try next time :P. They are making good $$$$. NO MORE words.


BlogBing reached a milestone, we’re ROCKING! Those who don’t know what is blogbing can check it at And yes I’m Marketing Head at BlogBing, a Gujurat based startup *heart emoticon* .

Ran out of money:

During that period, I ran put of money. Didn’t attended my school so can save my RS 50 daily  with which I do my lunch in School. shh! no more words about it, by me.

I need HELP!

Since, this is my comeback to public blogging, I want suggestions from you. Suggest me some cool themes for my blog. I’ll change or modify the current one. If you have any suggestion PLEASE drop that below in comment section.

See you 😀


At last, here is my line those who are struggling for a better life like me:

FAKE IT, untill you MAKE IT.
Dilip Sharma

Hey there, I’m Dilip. I’m a Blogger, Marketer living in India. I am a fan of technology, photography, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in movies.You can catch me up on Facebook | Twitter | Rigmatric

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